Mindex Brings Vision to Life with Long-Awaited EP, “Resurrection Machine”

Mindex Brings Vision to Life with Long-Awaited EP, “Resurrection Machine”


Music creation has no limitations. Mindex is one of many who stand at the forefront of that sentiment. Drawing influence from multiple genres like classical music, jazz, vintage IDM, and psytrance, he’s proven time and time again to be a jack of all trades.

The Austin, Texas-based producer is known for presenting us with compositions that pull from many musical corners. With projects like Small Things Matter, Trapped, and Jazzmental all differing stylistically, Mindex has always given us a sonically wide palette to digest. Simply put, he’s an artist that has something for everyone.

2023 proved well for the Teleport artist with multiple festival plays and notable show appearances in between.

Last Summer, Maryland was lucky enough to see a curated night at the AFI Silver Theatre, Florida was treated to a NYE set as direct support for Papadosio, we got the insane Kercha collaboration, “Unity,” and even a release on MorFlo Records. 2023 also brought the debut of his techno/piano side project, Neversky. 

As far as the release radar goes for the Mindex project, we saw the Small Things Matter EP drop exclusively on Bandcamp at the beginning of December and later on other platforms. Not even a full month into the new year and listeners are graced with the most recent chapter in his creative journey, Resurrection Machine.

Paired with artwork by Matik, Resurrection Machine is a five-track journey through Mindex’s psyche that spans a wide range of emotions. It’s trademark Mindex and a prime example of an artist hitting the mark on a long-time vision.

“After five years of refinement, countless sound system tests, and sleepless nights, I’m humbled to realize the dream that lingered since my teenage years.”

“Sublimate” is the opening track of the EP. Starting a bit ambient this song quickly works into a bouncy head nodding heater. It carries some mysterious undertones that strike a bit of wonder while maintaining a dance-able groove. The track does well to keep you wondering what’s waiting on the other side of the EP.

Slowly but steadily, we reach the title track, “Resurrection Machine.” Opening with heavy-hearted piano chords and string melodies, this track feels incredibly powerful right from the start. Progressing into an enchanting ride through a futuristic psydub sound field, “Resurrection Machine” then cools down into a mesmerizing finale that retreats behind an enchanting orchestra and choir. The title track also happens to be a big part of why the EP took so long to make.

“This particular EP took me the longest, mainly because of the title track. I started that tune at Levi’s, (DrrtyWulvz) place five years ago on an old crappy laptop with cheap earplugs and no MIDI controller. The initial input felt pretty epic to me, but I got stuck on the intro and a little chunk of the first drop. I revisited it only after two more years and then worked on it on and off as I gained new skills, refining my vision for the track and the project itself. Normally, I move on from ideas that are that old.”-Mindex

Right in the middle we have “Dark Matter.” Here, the energy is shifted into a much heavier presence. Rich in sound design, this track flexes a finely tuned glitchy melody that possesses an irrefutable grasp on your ear drums. This one is a dance floor shredder and carries enough fuel to ignite a forest fire in your sound system.

“Zen” is a subtle but bass-heavy vibe. Carrying some crispy percussion, this track floats us through a calm and collected state of mind while providing tons of weight in the sound design department. Feeling the warmth of the background melody becoming enveloped in a pitter-patter creates a most contented mood.

“Road to the Sun” brings this body of work to a cinematic close. A masterpiece all by itself, “Road to the Sun” is a downtempo dreamer’s delight. Fusing live instrumentation and diverse electronic components, Mindex creates an emotional soundscape making this a standout among the rest. Truly everything you’d want in a closer.

“More than anything, I am fascinated by how crafting sonic compositions from sine waves, zeroes, and ones, translated through the medium of air vibrations, establishes a unique connection between the artist’s conceptualized emotion or idea and the listener’s subjective experience.”-Mindex

When asked about the creative process behind the EP, Mindex told us the following:

“Normally, I move on from ideas that are that old. Five years is a significant chunk of time in a human’s life, and a lot can happen during that period. So, all sorts of energies get absorbed by the tracks I am working on. Overall, I had lots of fun working on it.”

With 2024 starting out strong for Mindex, we’re already hyped for much more. You can expect to see him in April at The Ogden Theatre supporting Tripp St. and the Walter Where?House (Pheonix, AZ) as direct support for Ott. in May.

In terms of future releases, we are still waiting on the 70-minute ambient album he wrapped up last February, but nothing else announced just yet. Keep up with everything the Russian mad scientist has going on below.

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