Mersiv Goes All In On One of His Hardest-Hitting Singles to Date, 'The Death Note' [Listen]
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Mersiv Goes All In On One of His Hardest-Hitting Singles to Date, ‘The Death Note’ [Listen]

mersiv the death note

It seems as if the Mersiv Project has rocket boosters strapped to it – and those rocket boosters are being fueled by a hot and nasty jet engine propelling it into the ether. Today, our ears have been blessed by another rousing exclamation of the Colorado native’s energetic and spiritual power. This time, in the form of a two-and-a-half-minute dubstep banger called, “The Death Note.”

Mersiv was not kidding when he claimed that this will be “the heaviest hitting banger” he has written. And it appears he didn’t hold back in any regard.

Listeners can expect to be left jarred and prompted to explode into a chaotic jive after giving this song a rinse. Recommended listening settings include in your car (either parked safely or driving safely on the way to a festival), your couch with a cold glass of water nearby, or your Grandmother’s house, so she can hear how far music has come since she was moving and grooving.

Although he resides in the electronic realm, or more so the pretty, dark, loud side of the electronic realm, Mersiv is demonstrating that he is a producer pushing the bounds of sound experimentation regardless of the genre he performs in. Given the fact that Anderson Benoit Gallegos, AKA Mersiv, is driven by a deeper desire to curate sounds and experiences that contribute to a certain form of healing and expression, it makes sense why his tracks are so powerful. 

The emotions one might feel when listening to his music or dancing at one of his sets are widespread and unique to each listener. And “The Death Note,” released on Mersiv’s very own MorFlo records, is no different. 

“Djing music and creating a journey in a set really brought me into the present moment. Taking other people along the ride helped me express myself in a healthy way that seemed to make others happy.”—Mersiv

Only the second single he has teased so far, “The Dark Note” offers what Mersiv intends to be the “loud” side of the Pretty, Dark, Loud EP. The first single was none other than “Forest Creature” which he dropped in collaboration with Killa Nova as the “dark” side of the PDL compilation. The rest is a mystery that only the walls of his studio are familiar with. 

Fans can try and get a sneak peek at the rest of the songs on the EP at one of the several shows Mersiv has coming up. There is no doubt that he will be stretching his legs, and yours, with “The Dark Note” and the rest of the songs in The Pretty Dark Loud EP at his upcoming performance.

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