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LSDREAM Teases New Album, Shares ‘Hello Human’ [LISTEN]

Bass artists owe it to themselves to pull 180-degree turns of style if that keeps them inspired. In just under a year, it’s remarkable how well a clean slate is sounding for Wakaan’s LSDREAM.

Formerly known as Brillz, he specialized in trap remixes of popular artists (Katy Perry, Zedd), a formula he never found satisfying. Flipping the script, he emerged on Wakaan as LSDREAM, his sparkling, melodic alter ego. Last year’s VOYAGER debut showed real substance to the transformation with smart midtempo compositions and an unshakable feeling of wanderlust on tracks like “AWAKE.EXE” and “GODSPEED.”

Now with a full-length follow up on the way, LSDREAM has shared a lead single “Hello Human” with L.A. producer COM3T. It’s a punchy, distinct midtempo romp that takes the 80’s synth breaks of the VOYAGER songs to aggressive new heights. The Rezz comparisons will be inevitable and welcome when they’re this tasteful. Each meter buzzes and oscillates with the signature shadowy grain of her work.

The speed of “Hello Human” keeps the rhythms so anchored and steady that COM3T and LSDREAM are able to shine with their phrasing at every turn, whether that’s a volley of 80’s synth breaks or a pitched alien voice proclaiming “your planet is gross.” The dark, house music influences work well in these producers’ favor.

Currently, on Liquid Stranger’s Infinity Tour, we’re curious to hear LSDREAM’s expressive, futuristic sound expanded upon even further leading up to his full-length LP out later this year.

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