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Liquid Stranger Returns with First Single ‘Burn Like Sun’ from New LP [Listen]

Freeform bass kingpin Martin Staaf has kept many a card up his sleeve for this year. Of his contemporaries, he’s one of the best at teasing dozens of unreleased tunes for years before ever releasing them. 

Thankfully, “Burn Like Sun” (ft. Leah Culver) seems like the first stone to call the avalanche. This is the first Wakaan-released banger of 2019 off his towering LP INFINITY, reportedly out later this month. Staaf has said in his Facebook group that the album could have over twenty tracks of new material, as the “biggest and most diverse release from Liquid Stranger to date.”

“Burn Like Sun” is refreshingly vulnerable given Stranger’s radioactive output, and plays to his melodic sense. Violins stir anthem-like around Culver’s rousing voice, not unlike the central focus and confidence of Ellie Goulding’s vocal features.

The core bassline billows and surges, and sparkles with some of Stranger’s trademark studio wonkery. The ending trills sound really space-age and stirring as Culver’s pitched voice fades away. While we love Staaf at his most insane (last year’s Polarity EP), the downtempo expanse of “Burn Like Sun” is even more welcome as the first Wakaan track to rattle our speakers this year.

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