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Hippie Sabotage, Slander, K?D, Autograf, Ape Drums & Rezz All Dropped New Music This Week [Stream Now]

You wouldn’t know it by following the mainstream world, but yes tons of artists not named Drake released music this week. 

So to help you catch up, we picked our top 6 tracks from over the past seven to ten days. The songs we can’t get out of our head. And for those of you that have abandoned the SoundCloud ship, we proudly have our official River Beats Spotify playlist ‘Freshly Picked Beats’ below. Follow us on Spotify, and keep up with all the trends in the music world.

Family of the Year – ‘Hold Me Down’ (Autograf Remix)

Autograf has been crushing 2018. Their latest musical endeavor sees their musical talent put to work on Family of the Year’s hit Hold Me Down.’ The Chicago trio flipped the indie rock jam into their self-coined future house sound. One this blogger personally loves. 

Ape Drums – ‘Shellz’ (feat Denzel Curry & Frizzo)

Hard bass, and Denzel Curry. What not to love about this one? This is something to get you in the mood before a heavy night of trap beats. 

K?D – ‘AI’

K?D is back with the last release before his headline tour and debut EP. Titled “AI”, the single is a glitchy industrial banger that shows his effortless versatility.   K?d kept the track fresh in his festival rotation, and fans have been anxiously waiting for an official release.

Rezz & 1788-L – ‘H E X’

This was a match made in heaven.“H E X” is pure energy. The glitchy game-like sounds that Rezz has popularized, mixed in with the ominous and industrial sounds of newcomer 1788-L. 

Slander – ‘So Long’ feat. Juliana Chahayed

Slander continues to push the boundaries with quality release after quality release. The group was back this week with their latest, “So Long“, a see-ya-never anthem penned with American Idol finalist Juliana Chahayed


Hippie Sabotage – ‘Fading Into Fog’

This blogger has long been a supporter of Hippie Sabotage. Their music is infectious, and their live show is unique in its own right. Love them or hate them, their music is good. And today they’re back with ‘Fading Into Fog,’ a grungy bass-heavy track that is the perfect vibe for a chill summer day. 

Spotify Fans Rejoice!

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