1788-L & Rezz Drop the Curtain on Their Massive Collaboration 'H E X' [Listen Now]

1788-L & Rezz Drop the Curtain on Their Massive Collab ‘H E X’ [Listen Now]

Rezz is back, this time enlisting the help of dance music’s newest star 1788-L.

The track begins with a seemingly innocent start but takes a turn for the wild side with some help from the mysterious artist 1788-L. 

1788-L has been absolutely everywhere over the past few months. From heavy originals to several large supported remixes, including an official release for Illenium & Said The Sky. This is all without giving up their identity, or really playing any shows. 

“H E X” is pure energy. The collab is a match made in heaven. The glitchy game-like sounds that Rezz has popularized, mixed in with the ominous and industrial sounds of 1788-L. 


Rezz’ newest album, Certain Kind of Magic will be released August 3, 2018, on mau5trap

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