K?D Drops Newest Single 'AI' on the Heels of First Headlining Tour [Listen]

K?D Drops Newest Single ‘AI’ on the Heels of First Headlining Tour [Listen]

At only 21 years old, K?d’s rise to the very top of dance music has been swift and furious.

And today, on the heels of announcing his debut EP and first headlining tour, K?d dropped a new single for his fans. The track in question, titled “AI”, is a glitchy industrial banger that shows his effortless versatility. K?d kept the track fresh in his festival rotation, and fans have been anxiously waiting for an official release.

Give the track a listen below:

It’s a catchy song that fits in with his latest releases. This is the last release  before K?d drops the curtain on Find Paradise. The producer already announced the upcoming EP will span multiple genres, so that’s another exciting element fans are excited to hear!

The Find Paradise tour kicks off September 14th and spans over 25 dates all over North America.  Fans can expect to see a new stage set up, custom visuals, and new music from his upcoming EP. Tickets and details for the tour are listed below and can be found here

Find Paradise Tour Dates

September 14 – Phoenix, AZ
September 15 – Washington DC
September 21 – New Orleans, LA
September 22 – Tallahassee, FL
September 28 – Dallas, TX
September 29 – Houston, TX
October 4 – Madison, WI
October 5 – Boulder, CO
October 6 – Denver, CO
October 18 – Seattle, WA
October 19 – Portland, OR
October 20 – Tampa Bay, FL
November 16 – Calgary, AB
November 17 – Toronto, ON
November 24 – Edmonton, AB
November 29 – Philadelphia, PA
November 30 – Cambridge, MA
December 1 – Montreal, QC
December 6 – San Marcos, TX
December 7 – Pontiac, MI

Featured image via artist Facebook page.

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