Beatboxing Provocateur HerShe Emerges with Debut EP, ‘Breath Control’
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Beatboxing Provocateur HerShe Emerges with Debut EP, ‘Breath Control’

hershe breath control

After discovering the interesting and complex sounds that she could make with her mouth at the age of 11, HerShe began to enter, and later dominate, the world of beatboxing. Just a few years later, she would go on to take up mixing and eventually music production where she was able to combine her love of vocal percussion with her curiosity as an artist.

Today, HerShe is growing into a dynamic producer and performer well equipped with tons of skills that she pulls out both in the studio and on the stage – most recently, in her debut EP titled, “Breath Control.”

The four-song extended premier touches upon every element that makes up HerShe’s trademark style. Lip-splitting beatbox, hardcore lyricism, and climactic builds with even bigger drops all are well felt from start to finish.

As a highly-followed streamer and content creator with over 8 million views, HerShe uses her platform as a way to spread positivity and encourage other artists, especially those that are female or LGBTQ+. 

Having played sets at Spring Awakening, Circus of Life, SXSW (3x), and Big Dub with artists like Wreckno, Superfuture, Nero, and Dr. Fresch, HerShe has already enjoyed tons of success in her career. And following the release of this recent EP of hers, expect more to come.

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