NERO's Return is Here With Their First Single of 2018: 'Lullaby' [Listen]

NERO’s Return is Here With Their First Single of 2018: ‘Lullaby’ [Listen]

After posting an ominous video on their Instagram last week, we reported NERO would release new music soon, and soon has finally come!

Except for their work with ZHU in 2017, “Lullaby” is the first single release for NERO in some time. Featuring lead singer Alana Watson’s raw vocals over the groups unique bass and larger-than-life production, “Lullaby” is a much-needed reprieve from the group’s absence. 

NERO join Alesso, Tycho, And 3LAU on the Twitch megastar Ninja’s first compilation Ep Ninajaworks Volume 1. The Ep is the brainchild of Astralwerks, the electronic label for Universe Music Group. This is a new avenue for dance music, one in which they creating Ep’s or complication albums with the gaming community. All we can say is this type of stuff continues to bring artists like Tycho and NERO out of hiding, we welcome tons more. 

Listen to Lullaby, or stream the full Ep below! 



Photo: Artist Instagram page

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