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GRIZ Quietly Deletes all Social Media Overnight; Leaves Ominous Message

What a week for GRIZ fans.

If you’re not caught up, here is a quick recap. We reported last week that the electro-funk superstars label, All Good Records, was no longer active on social media, and is looking like it might be disbanding. Based on a dead website and various other theories you can see here.

And this week we added to that report, by highlighting GRIZ’s quite stoic social media presence; which you can read about here. 

But today, the problem seemed to finally come to a head, as overnight GRIZ has silently deleted all his previous social media photos, and tweets. His social media pages have been replaced by a blank white piece of paper taped to a wall. 



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It’s obvious the man is ready to make some kind of announcement. What that is, only time can tell, but be ready for something big. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. 

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