GRiZ: Is Everything Okay?
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GRiZ: Is Everything Okay?

Over the span of the past few weeks, fans have noticed a significant change in GRiZ. There’s no hiding the fact that the man is probably tired; after the insane past two years the artist conquered, anyone would be tired and ready to give up. It seems almost as if whatever he managed to do, it wasn’t enough for fans.

The past few posts on GRiZ’s personal Instagram have proven to be quite stoic, very unlike the outgoing producer. His most recent post, below, leaves lots to the imagination.

it’s about time we talked.

A post shared by GRiZ (@griz) on


This leads fans to ask: is everything okay?

His tweets have been just as elusive as his Instagram posts.

His next performance will be in March at McDowell Mountain Music Festival. Hopefully he takes the next month to re-charge and get to where he needs to be! Regardless of what’s going on, we are extremely supportive of GRiZ and are thankful for everything he has contributed to the music industry.

Maybe he’s taking this time to make an announcement about the end of All Good Records?

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