Esseks' 'FEAR NOT' EP: A Deep Dive into Bass and Visual Creativity [Listen]

Esseks’ ‘FEAR NOT’ EP: A Deep Dive into Bass and Visual Creativity [Listen]


Last week, Brooklyn’s celebrated music producer, Esseks, renowned for his fusion of bass-heavy genres with captivating visual art, unveiled his latest EP, FEAR NOT. Out on October 6 via Memory Palace, this seven-track EP takes listeners on a journey into the innovative world of Esseks.

Memory Palace, founded by Of The Trees, is a platform that champions artists who defy genre boundaries. Esseks’ new EP aligns perfectly with this theme, continuing his longstanding collaboration with the label.

“FEAR NOT” reflects Esseks‘ talent for blending intricate sonic landscapes with emotional depth. The EP included tracks like “Cut The Tape,” “This Will All Be Over Soon,” “Fear Not,” and others. Esseks describes it as an exploration of the transient nature of life and emotions, emphasizing the inevitability of change.

While rooted in Esseks’ signature bass-driven sound, the EP also reveals a more personal side. Created as a therapeutic outlet, it wasn’t initially intended for public release.

“Music has always been an intimate process for me, often straddling the boundary between personal catharsis and public expression. This EP delved deep into vulnerability.” – Esseks

Of The Trees’ unwavering support played a crucial role in bringing this private endeavor to a wider audience. In addition to the EP’s music, Esseks’ distinctive visual art accompanied the release, adding to the immersive experience he is known for.

Check out the full EP below.

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