Chris Costello Releases His Very First EP "We Could Be Together"
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Chris Costello Releases His Very First EP “We Could Be Together”

Chris Costello

Chris Costello creates an ode to “the golden era of EDM” with his debut EP We Could Be Together.

With just a few releases under his belt, Chris Costello has already garnered the attention of progressive fans worldwide. After graduating from Icon Collective, the largest music production school on the west coast, he started releasing catchy electro-pop singles in 2019. Now he’s premiering his biggest release to date, the 5-track EP We Could Be Together.

With We Could Be Together, Costello said he wanted to create an EP inspired by”the golden era of EDM.”He’s referring to the ecstatic surge of dance music that took over the mainstream in the early 2010s. Zedd, Calvin Harris, Avicii, and a slew of others made progressive house an untamable force for radio stations. Who can forget hits like “Clarity” and “Summer”, which made vocal-driven hooks and ecstatic bass drops the hottest new thing?

After releasing a string of singles this year, the We Could Be Together EP compiles them for a total of five progressive house tracks that will take you back in time. Costello taps into the nostalgic, club-friendly energy that EDM fans love with potent vocals perfectly primed for the drop. Each song is a sickly-sweet blend of pop and progressive house. Thanks to sweltering mainstage anthems like “Nothing Can Stop Us” and “Out of Time,” it’s no wonder that this L.A.-based producer is becoming a rising star.

Pop-laced house helped to push dance music to the massively successful space it’s in today. But after the mainstream EDM bubble popped in 2015, its influence didn’t go away. Music has shifted, but electronic music has never been fully extracted from the mainstream. With his debut EP, Costello is paying tribute to EDM’s brightest time in the spotlight. Each track delivers passionate, euphoric energy that will make it easy to enjoy time and time again.

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Chris Costello

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