BRONSON Bewitches in Self-Titled 10-Track Debut Album [Listen]
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BRONSON Bewitches in Self-Titled 10-Track Debut Album [Listen]

BRONSON, the joint collaboration project between ODESZA & Golden Features, has finally revealed their debut album, self-titled BRONSON. The album was initially scheduled to be released last month, but got pushed back to today. Between the three artists – Harrison Mills, Clayton Knight, and Thomas Stell – the collab project is a hint of a multitude of things: emotive, dark, yet delightful.

Prior to the release, BRONSON gave fans a hint as to what was to come with a handful of single releases. This included “HEART ATTACK” featuring lau.ra, which was initially teased in ODESZA’s NO.SLEEP mix, “KEEP MOVING” and “DAWN” featuring Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

Together, the collaboration alternates between both catastrophic madness and up-liftingly beautiful melodies. In an interview with Forbes, Mills explains that the theme of this release was perseverance. The more industrial sound is relatively new for the ODESZA duo, who typically focus on more melodic and soft releases. They have explored this in a handful of releases and live edits, and incorporated it into their live set experience. They really got to explore a whole new side of their music production skills with this new project, and were encouraged to persevere and keep pushing forward.

As a long-time fan of ODESZA, I find myself gravitating more towards the more delicate releases, including “BLINE,” “KNOW ME,” and “CALL OUT.” There are quite a few surprises that totally threw me off, with the intense drums on “TENSE” and the commanding “CONTACT.”

Give the album a listen in its entirety below:

Accompanying the album release is a visualizer experience you can dive into on Youtube. Check out the playlist here:

Featured image by Gian Galang.

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