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Surprise! BRONSON Drop Alluring Third Single ‘DAWN’ [Listen]

The new collaboration behind ODESZA & Golden Features has already amassed over 7 million listens on Spotify following the release of two singles from their forthcoming debut album. Up next from BRONSON is an almost 8-minute long collaboration with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, aka TEED, titled “DAWN.” The release includes the original, as well as a shorter edited version.

Give the new release a listen below:

On the creation of “DAWN,” BRONSON share that they first began the writing process with the intent to “fill in the gap of what was missing on the record.” They always respected Orlando of TEED, and “came to him with an initial idea for the track.”

“Not only do the lyrics provide this renewed sense of hope, but his vocals compliment the tone and energy of the song perfectly – “DAWN” is a song meant to take you on a journey and explore various concepts and emotions of the record. We couldn’t think of a more fitting song to end the album with.”


BRONSON was debuted earlier this year after Mills and Knight of ODESZA connected with Stell of Golden Features, fueled by a calling to pursue new creative frontiers beyond both of their current projects at the time. After three years of trading sounds across time zones and continents, the product of those collective efforts culminated in 2018 when the trio spent a week in the remote reaches of Berry, Australia, recording what would later become their first album. The project strikes a beautiful balance between intense, emotive instrumentals and cathartic, melodic vocal tracks.

Stay tuned for the album from BRONSON, out on August 7.

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