ODESZA & Golden Features Reveal First Two Singles With New Side Project BRONSON [Listen]

ODESZA & Golden Features Reveal First Two Singles With New Side Project BRONSON [Listen]

Surprises in the music industry are what we love to hear, and ODESZA fans were gifted with one of the biggest ones this past week. 

The Seattle duo announced a new collaborative project, BRONSON. with fellow Foreign Family member Golden Features. The project is set to release a full collaborative album sometime in the near future, but today the wait for new music is over. 

BRONSON just released its first two singles from the LP titled “Heart Attack,” and “Vaults.” “Heart Attack” first made an appearance in March during the group’s mix series NO.SLEEP Mix.12. Fans were quick to point out that the song sounded like an unreleased single from ODESZA. Their suspicions were confirmed this past week after BRONSON announced their upcoming album.

The singles are the first of what is turning out to be an exciting new project from ODESZA. The group has been on a full year break following the end of the “A Moment Apart” tour last April. Fans were eager for new music, and the creation of a new project entirely follows a current trend in dance music. One that allows creativity and new forms of expression without creating a rift between fans of the ODESZA project. 

You can stream “Heart Attack” and “Vaults” below.



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