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Artifakts Releases Funky 5-Track EP Inspired By His Travels And Time on the Road [Listen]

Artifakts is back with a 5-song EP project titled Glow Up. While traveling around the United States playing various shows with artists such as Daily Bread and Marvel Years,  Garret Meyer [Artifakts] somehow found enough time to dedicate to his own music and sound.

“Typically in creating music I’ve found myself shut in, honing in on very introspective thoughts and the moods those bring […] Glow Up is a detour from those ways, in that I was constantly graced with very stimulating and positive energy.” – Meyer

In an extremely unique way, Artikafts perfected a blend of electronic, hip-hop, and soul into five cohesive songs. The EP begins slow and melancholy but soon builds into a more energetic sound. Meyer explained that one of his favorite projects on the EP is “To The Beat,” featuring Manic Focus. These two have collaborated many times before and even spent some time on the road together. 

Give a listen to Glow up below:

Featured image via Elena Lin. 

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