2008 Was A Great Year for Music: 'Swagga Like Us' & More Turn 10
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2008 Was A Great Year for Music: ‘Swagga Like Us,’ ‘Lollipop’ & More Turn 10

Hot off of T.I’s album Paper Trail, “Swagga Like Us” was one of the more monumental releases of 2008. The song featured verses from Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne, with vocal samples from MIA’s song “Paper Planes.” What made this song so huge? For 2008, this was the quad-rapper posse that everyone idolized (and still idolize today). Or, as Noisey said, the “ultimate 2008 posse cut.”

2008 was just an awesome time for music in general. Check out below some other releases that are turning 10 this year.

Usher – “Love in the Club” [February 22, 2008]

Lil Wayne – “Lollipop” [March 13, 2008]

Lady Gaga – “Just Dance” [April 8, 2008]

Jonas Brothers – “Burnin’ Up” [June 20, 2008]

Ne-Yo – “Miss Independent” [August 26, 2008]

Beyonce – “Single Ladies” [October 13, 2008]

Kanye West – 808’s and Heartbreak [November 8, 2008]

Talk about nostalgic! Which release from 2008 was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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