Yoshi Flower’s ‘American Raver’ Mixtape Strikes All the Right Chords [Listen]
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Yoshi Flower’s ‘American Raver’ Mixtape Strikes All the Right Chords [LISTEN]

Yoshi Flower’s genre-hopping debut mixtape American Raver is finally here, giving listeners a better glimpse into the strange and alluring world of Yoshi.

When we first covered Yoshi Flower’s “Brown Paper Bag” a few months back, we only had a few releases by which to classify the Detroit born-and-raised artist’s music. In American Raver, Yoshi Flower thoroughly displays why his sound is deserving of the cultural notion.

The thirteen-track mixtape explores the defiant American youth’s struggle with materialism, self-medication, and the current state of affairs in America, with music serving as the ultimate escape. Yoshi blends gritty blues riffs with heavy trap drums while elegantly layered melodies depict tales of love and heartbreak, political angst, and dance-floor debauchery from the perspective of an indulgent but introspective partier.

The tracklist reads as a pledge to the raver lifestyle and flows along with skits from comedian Brandon Wardell. Yoshi’s bright pop hooks shine on crossover tracks like “To The Rave” and “Of The United States of America“. The second half of the mixtape steers darker, with Yoshi airing his frustrations with the American status quo on “Invisible” and both the high and inevitable come down on “Under Control“.

Yoshi Flower just wrapped up opening for a leg of SG Lewis’ tour supporting the British artist’s Dusk EP and joins Whethan’s “Life of a Wallflower” tour later this month for select dates across the West Coast (full list here).

Where will you catch the ‘American Raver’ this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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