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Yoshi Flower Hits Hard With New Single ‘Brown Paper Bag’ [Listen]

Yoshi Flower returns with a bass-heavy guitar-laden new single, “Brown Paper Bag” 

Yoshi Flower is everything we could ever want from a one-man band. His music is self-proclaimed “rave music,” mixed with banging trap beats and remarkable guitar riffs, which showcase his Detroit roots and blues influence to perfection. “Brown Paper Bag” is no exception, tied together with Yoshi’s aggressive vocals, massive trap drums, and emphatic guitar riffs.

Yoshi Flower has had quite the year in 2018. “Brown Paper Bag” marks his fourth solo release since releasing “Panic Attacks” with Elohim this past March. Since then, he has earned sets at Electric Forest’s Grand Artique and Lollapalooza’s Toyota Music Den, both stages featuring intimate sets from up-and-coming talent. “Brown Paper Bag” has closed out the sets, which are largely filled with unreleased music, leaving an indelible mark on the crowd.

Though Yoshi has only released a handful of tracks to date, “Brown Paper Bag” is a solid hint of what’s to come. With an unreleased tune with GRiZ that he has teased at Red Rocks and beyond and more new music on the way, Yoshi Flower is a name to watch in 2018, and we’re here for the party.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think!

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