Yoshi Flower Releases New Mixtape 'Peer Pleasure' [Listen]

The self-proclaimed American Raver Yoshi Flower is back with his brand new mixtape Peer Pleasure.

Since the October release of his breakout tape American Raver, Yoshi Flower has been hard at work cooking up his next project, all while cranking out collaborations like “Werewolf” with Quinn XCII, and opening for Blackbear and Dua Lipa among others. Today, the Detroit-bred artist returns with his sophomore mixtape Peer Pleasure. On the nine track tape, Yoshi Flower takes a serious step in maturing his genre-clashing sound, with contemplative lyricism and captivating production to match.

Throughout Peer Pleasure, Yoshi visits the themes of envy and insecurity in the digital age. The tape kicks off with the dreamy prologue “Necklace,” where a female voiceover alluringly introduces the concept of Peer Pleasure. With hooks like “now I’m feeling empty, I got things to envy, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, but that ain’t the real me, now I’m feeling empty” on “Empty“, Yoshi Flower gives frequent hints at the suppression of our greater needs with our own vices.

Following the prologue, Yoshi serves up the two singalong singles, “Validation” and “Empty“. In addition to the stellar pre-releases, “Space” stands out as one of Yoshi’s strongest productions to date. The track is another perfect example of Yoshi’s mastery of melodies and snappy percussion.

In true mixtape form, half of the tracks come in under three minutes in length. Armed with his acoustic guitar on interludes “House” and “Necklace“, Yoshi gives fleeting, yet spellbinding glimpses into his mind. On “Love“, Yoshi Flower makes a more direct appeal, singing “I got so much to give / The whole world left to see me / Just need someone to dance with“.

Though Peer Pleasure lacks the comedic Brandon Wardell’s skits like American Raver, Yoshi Flower’s message rings just as loudly. The dramatic build on “Car” and closing message on “House” drive the concept home. The mixtape is another solid step for the rising artist, whose unique blend of electronic pop, R&B and trap is well-suited for both late nights up alone or out partying.

Earlier this year, Yoshi notched his first North American headline tour and recent support for both Epik High and Elohim. This summer, he continues with appearances at Lollapalooza in Chicago and Meow Wolf Taos Vortex in New Mexico.

Check out the new mixtape Peer Pleasure below and stay tuned for more from Yoshi Flower!

Feature photo via artist Facebook.

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