Sermon Nation Reveals Plan for 6-Hour Yheti Set at Brooklyn Chocolate Factory (Interview + Event Preview)

Sermon Nation Reveals Plan for 6-Hour Yheti Set at Brooklyn Chocolate Factory (Interview + Event Preview)

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The world of electronic music is filled with extraordinary people with extraordinary ideas. While a lot of these ideas are simply spoken about during long car rides home or late nights at camp, there are a few players in the scene actively pursuing their ambitions and wide-eyed notions.

One of said players is an artist who goes by the name of Yheti – a highly experimental producer and DJ who creates art that pushes the boundaries of traditional and modern electronic music. From acting out live narratives and storylines with the Trifinity crew (Toad Face, Mystic Grizzly, & Yheti) to building out custom audio-visual sets, Yheti has used the live stage to explore the transmutation of energy that occurs between artists and their fans.

Most recently, Yheti has concocted an idea to play the longest set of his career – 6 hours – at a Chocolate Factory in Brooklyn.


Now, if you are familiar with the eccentricities of Yheti then this type of event might not come as a surprise. But even for the Yheti Clan, this insane event raises some questions. To learn a little more about this one-of-a-kind extended set, we spoke with the promotion company running it – Sermon Nation – and their founder, Austin Trout.

River Beats: Can you tell me a little bit about Sermon Nation and why it was founded?
Austin Trout: There was never any idea of starting a promotional company or some sort of legitimized entity. In reality, the idea was born at a time when we had been heavily influenced by Brooklyn’s (semi-legal/renegade style/DIY) warehouse party scene. Webster Hall was still a thing at that time (big ups basement Saturdays!!) but in terms of DIY bass music parties in Brooklyn, no one was booking the type of music our friends were making. Awesome events like RECONSTRVCT were showcasing international flavors of dubstep and beyond but in terms of homegrown experimental bass music, there wasn’t anything catering to this new evolving set of genres.


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It started as just a roll of the dice on a single party thrown for friends who made music, by friends who loved the music, for the people who wanted to experience it outside of a corporate/legitimate venue setting on a high-quality sound system. The rest is history!

RB: Why is it important for you to throw unique shows like a 6-hour Yheti set?
AT: Since we are NYC-based I tell people quite often that we are not going to be as interested in a concept if it’s something that’s happening all over the country. 

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NYC is the hardest city to make these shows work in general due to many factors including cost of living/operating and the general competition of things that happen in the greatest city in the world (yea, I said it). To be able to host unique events not only helps us showcase cool concepts for fans but in reality I could argue that for shows of a certain size to work here consistently, we need to try doing things that others might not have done yet. 

RB: What sets Sermon Nation apart from other promoters?
AT: What sets us apart from any other promoter entity in the country you could name is probably the fact that we do indeed consume 1000x more prosciutto than they do. Prove me wrong. 

RB: What do you love about the Chocolate Factory?
AT: It’s a real fucking chocolate factory. How cool is that? Shouts out Fine and Raw, they make some amazing chocolate and adjacent products you literally see in stores across the country. 

Outside of the fact that you will be partying in a warehouse-style space connected to a fully functioning chocolate factory, we enjoy the raw DIY feel to the venue side as we came from the underground and would like to stay there as much as possible. It can fit our entire Intent Audio rig in there as well! 

RB: Can you shed some light on your partnership with Intent Audio and why you like working with them?
AT: First off, a round of applause for Sean Hennessey. Let me catch someone talking sweet about my guy and we will have problems XD!! I like investing in people and not brands. We had known Sean for ages when he let us know he started his new company (big ups Intent Audio) and knew that it was time to take the plunge. Empire Sound Systems is our entity that owns the flagship Intent Audio rig (shouts out Alexander Kasper) and together between us all, I hope we are flexing subs for a long time coming!

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RB: Anything else you’d like to share about the upcoming show or in general?
AT: Music is great, speakers are cool, we all like having fun with friends new and old but as I get older I feel the need to stress this. 


We all want to be doing this for a very long time. Make smart decisions, be conscious of your health and try not to get so wrapped up that you let having fun override everything to the point where you are ignoring the other important aspects of our lives. 

Oh and also, for Christ sake..



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This show is the first of its kind and by far one of the most bizarre events we will have the pleasure of attending. Check out Yheti’s post above to learn more about the event, find your tickets here, and keep up with everything him and Sermon Nation have going on in the links below.

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