Willdabeast Unveils Dark and Psychedelic Bass Single "Don't Step" Ahead of EP Release

Willdabeast Unveils Dark and Psychedelic Bass Single “Don’t Step” Ahead of EP Release


PNW-based producer Willdabeast is gearing up to drop his highly anticipated EP, Beneath The Surface, this coming April. Serving as a tantalizing preview of what’s to come, Willdabeast has just released the first single, “Don’t Step,” in collaboration with fellow PNW artist Torbjorn.

The track is a sonic powerhouse, showcasing Willdabeast and Torbjorn’s combined expertise both on and off the stage. With its hard-hitting basslines and psychedelic undertones, “Don’t Step” captivates listeners from the first beat. The collaboration between these two talented musicians yields a sound that is both gritty and immersive, promising a thrilling auditory experience.

“Don’t Step” serves as a teaser for the forthcoming EP, “Beneath The Surface,” which promises to be a genre-bending journey through the realms of bass music. Featuring collaborations with a lineup of talented artists including BUTTONZ, Renzyx, Glyph, Brotha Nature, and Jackson Whalan, the EP showcases Willdabeast’s signature style while pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

Since gaining recognition for their release Superhighway Afterglow and its remixes on Muti Music, Willdabeast’s music has been making waves in the electronic music scene. Their tracks have been featured on CloZee’s Microworlds tour and they’ve performed alongside renowned artists like Moon Hooch and Balkan Bump.

The Beneath The Surface EP promises to be a dynamic and melodic journey, driven by Willdabeast’s powerful live horns and innovative production. With its unique blend of styles and infectious energy, the EP is set to solidify Willdabeast’s position as a trailblazer in the world of bass music.

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