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Whipped Cream Triggers Social Media After Lost Lands DJ Post, But She's Right [Opinion]

Last year, River Beats wrote an editorial about Lost Lands Music Festival lacking women. This year, history repeats itself with a small number of women on the lineup, but an improvement compared to last year. I know how contradictory it can be to break a lineup down based on gender, but it’s so damn hard when there are so few women DJ’s on lineups. It’s not new news that the music industry, ESPECIALLY electronic music, is primarily male-dominated. If you want to get your panties in a twist because someone is speaking up about it, so be it.

WHIPPED CREAM is one of those people calling the lack of diversity out. Yesterday, she tweeted a photo with the caption “IM THE ONLY GIRL PLAYING ON MAIN STAGE FRIDAY @ LOST LANDS AND I WILL BE PLAYING MY HEAVIEST SET TO DATE.”

Naturally, people attacked her.

Why are you putting down other women on the lineup?”
“You’re not the only woman playing at Lost Lands, why are you so cocky?!

But honestly, it’s upsetting that out of 35 artists playing on Friday, there’s only a handful of women.

After the post blew up on Twitter, she took to Instagram to explain her statement a bit more. Obviously, it was never meant to be patronizing towards other DJ’s, especially women, but rather a boost of motivation for those that find themselves defeated by the state of the industry. 


The electronic music industry is very male-dominated and if you are saying it’s not, you’re blind. Just because there are women “killing it” does not mean that the genre is oversaturated with men. And yeah, we still have a lot of work to do.

Also, go support these badass women at Lost Lands this weekend!

Featured image via Mathias Cruz. 

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  1. The issue to me isn’t that women in regards to music venue lineups isnt gender related. To me its based on notoriety. I literally have never heard of Whipped Cream until last year when she was on the EDC mix. If you’re going to a festival having never heard of a person, what’s the likelihood that you’d go see Her/him over say, Zomboy? I get that there is an issue with women not being as represented, however I honestly think it’s unfair to call out a organization for playing to their audience. With that being said, congrats to her.

  2. Is nursing a sexist industry because there are more women in nursing than men?
    Is there a massive conspiracy to keep men out of nursing?
    Should we only support hospitals that have an equal number of men and women nurses at each hospital?


    Are men and women different and IN GENERAL have different interests and that’s okay?
    There are exponentially more men competing to make bass music than women. This is the only reason why there are more men “at the top” There is no conspiracy to keep women down. More women are deciding to compete. That is great. But to expect 50/50 gender split on a lineup is insane when women make up MAYBE 2-3% of producers competing for these slots.


    Giving women a platform ONLY because of their gender is very sexist.
    Expecting women to compete for their platform the same as men is equality.

    The women working the hardest are getting ahead.

    Equality of opportunity is there for women. Its a horrific business for everyone.

    • Yeah this is kind of dumb. It’s male dominated because not as many females produce electronic music. It’s as simple as that. Has nothing to do with sexism. I’m not saying there isn’t sexism in the industry either but the fact that not many woman are on the lineup isn’t related to that.

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