What So Not Suffers Concussion on Stage, Plays Entire Set Anyway
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What So Not Suffers Concussion on Stage, Plays Entire Set Anyway

File this under one of the weirder things we’ve ever written about. What So Not shared an Instagram post yesterday thanking fans for sticking around at his Ubbi Dubbi set after some technical difficulties. 

What were the difficulties you may ask?! WSN ran straight into an LED wall getting on stage and was immediately diagnosed with a pretty severe concussion. The concussion left WSN pretty much unable to even select what to play. The good news he powered through the head trauma and delivered a fantastic set for fans attending the event held in Fort Worth, Texas. 

You can read What So Not’s crazy details from this set below. Not sure anyone has ever delivered a headlining set with a concussion, so bravo WSN. 


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Yesterday was one of the harder sets of my life. . I smacked my head on a low hanging LED wall climbing on stage. It immediately put me to the floor, but I didn’t realize anything was that serious until moments later I couldn’t figure out how to select what to play. . We worked out pretty quick I’d concussed myself, but decided id deal with it after the set. . It was a bazaar experience. Despite jumping around & smiling through it, I almost sat down & just gave up a couple times. . Took a minute to sit & chill & ice my head once I was done. Was still a little confused for a few hours but eventually cleared up. . Sorry to anyone at @ubbidubbifest if the show was a little off? I think it was alright, but can’t remember it too well ha.. . All is good & well today. Still an amazing weekend of shows. See u all soon 💙 . @ubbidubbifest @rukes @ohdagyo

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