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What So Not Promises Free Show for Fans in the Coolest Way Possible

What So Not is promising his Australian fans one of the coolest free shows ever. The producer took to social media yesterday to announce a really fun initiative for fans in his home country. Australia’s crackdown on nightlife has left the dance music community almost broken. Venues have closed, artists have been forced to leave, and tons of events have been canceled over the past few years. 

And while it’s been a gloomy time for dance music fans, What So Not is hoping to create some magic by hosting a free show; as long as you can prove it’s a worthy event. The Dj is asking fans to drop their resume into the comment section, and have fans like the post to make sure its “legit.” 

What So Not performing at your office Christmas party, or maybe your birthday party? Not that would be wild. Check out the post from What So Not below, and if you are in Australia, give it a shot!  

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