Where Funky Meets Psychedelic, Discover Denver Trio Waxcat [Interview]
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Where Funky Meets Psychedelic, Discover Denver Trio Waxcat [Interview]

Waxcat is a funky trio from Colorado. Stream their latest single “Headrush” here, or read our featured interview below.

Denver-based trio Waxcat grabbed our attention with their latest single “Headrush” last week. Since then, we’ve taken the liberty of diving deeper into their still fresh repertoire.

Comprised of Nick Nord (guitar), Chris Comisar (producer), Jake Meyers (vocal), all bring something vastly different to the table and together, their undeniable passion for music shines through in all their releases. In an unlikely story of events where coincidence played a huge part, the three converged in Denver to pursue the music they live to make. Together, they incorporate influences from artists such as GRiZ, Louis Futon, TOOL, Pink Floyd and more as they continue to rise to the top of Colorado’s electronic music scene.

Waxcat debuted with their hit single Oceans last year. The song has over 700,000 streams since making its way on Spotify and continues to grow daily. Their psychedelic, funky bass sound is catching the ears of listeners in not only Colorado but the country. 

We asked Chris, Jake, and Nick a bit about their music and how the CO electronic scene has shaped their sound.

Check out the River Beats Interview below.

How would you describe your music in 3 words for people who’ve never heard you?
“Fresh trippy hits”

How has the Colorado music scene shaped your sound?
“Colorado has shaped it immensely in the last year and a half. There’s a great audience here for experimental electronic music. Not to mention the captivating mountain views and copious amounts of weed.”

What does the production and recording process look like for you guys?
“Our process comes from all sorts of places. And since we are fully independent of recording to releasing, we feel it gives us a lot of freedom. It may be one night of writing, it may be a beat we’ve been sitting on for years since they’re an is an infinite sonic palette, from which anyone can pull inspiration, we base the process on how we feel in the moment. Our sound develops each time we write together.”

Do you have any dream collaborations for the future?
“Probably hundreds, but to name a few: Bon Iver, Louis Futon, and GRiZ would be dreams come true.”

In our age of streaming with so much new music, what do you think it takes for a track to really grab listeners’ attention?
“Although we consider the listener’s experience, we like to focus on creating moments and soundscapes that we, as a band, identify with and feel are important to share.”

Do you have any upcoming tour or release dates that fans can look forward to?
“We are currently planning more shows around Colorado, and we are ready to announce several new releases.”


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Solid branding, a funky psychedelic sound, immense vocal talent, and a sound described as “fresh trippy hits” have us excited about where Waxcat is headed in 2020. As the group’s discography continues to grow, we’ll continue to support their sound. Today is the day you discover new music. Stream Waxcat’s full discography on Spotify below. 


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