Rising Denver Indie-Electronic Trio Waxcat Show Off Groovy Guitar Riffs on 'Head Rush' [Premiere]

Rising Denver Indie-Electronic Trio Waxcat Show Off Groovy Guitar Riffs on 'Head Rush' [Premiere]

In today’s world of streaming, more is better. The more singles you have, the more opportunities you have to get your music heard.  While this seems like it could only be a good thing, it does have a downside. There are way too many songs in the world, especially dance music, and music has lost some value. 

With that being said, it takes a lot for me to hear a song and like it. It takes even more for me to hear a song, and love it. Today that happened with a three-piece group out of Denver named Waxcat.  

Making their debut on River Beats for the first time today, Waxcat is showcasing a brand new single titled “Head Rush.”

“Head Rush” single is only the fourth release for Waxcat, but the group has seen some relative success since debuting in August of this year. Their recent single “Oceans” hit 700,000 plays on Spotify, followed by another 100,000 plays on “Just A Thing.”

Their sound is like Pink Floyd meets modern age live dance acts Louis Futon, Opia, and GRiZ. Comprised of Nick Nord (guitar), Chris Comisar (producer), Jake Meyers (vocal), all three bring something vastly different to the table for Waxcat.

So below is the brand new single from Waxcat, premiering on River Beats for the very first time! Dive in below. 

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