TVBOO Releases 'Wonky Tonk' EP & Discusses Music, Comedy & More [Interview]

TVBOO Releases 'Wonky Tonk' EP & Discusses Music, Comedy & More [Interview]

After firmly establishing himself as a well-versed bass producer, TVBOO just released his latest EP on Boogie T’s label, Drama Club Recordings.

River Beats got an exclusive first listen and we’ve had it on repeat ever since. The EP features a stellar sound design that epitomizes the term “wonky.” The tracks are aggressive but controlled, an ode to TVBOO‘s production expertise.

TVBOO rose to prominence in the bass scenes of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast after only a few short years. His name has become one of the most recognizable names on Soundcloud and the festival circuit. Known for his hard-hitting blend of trap and dub, TVBOO sets are high-energy ragers. In addition to music, he has an extremely successful comedy series called TVBOO TVLKS on social media.

River Beats caught up with TVBOO to ask him a few questions about music, comedy, and kinks. Check out the interview:

River Beats: How in the hell did the TVBOO TvLKS series come about? It’s hilarious. But do you have a background in comedy or something along those lines?

TVBOO: “TVBOO TVLKS started with me just drinking and talking about things that were on my mind in a funny way. For years I talked about doing stand up and finally started doing it in 2019. After doing it as myself for a while, I thought it would be cool to bring it into my music project because if you met me [in real life], you’d know comedy is a big part of who I am. It’s made making content a lot of fun for me and it feels really natural. A lot more laughs to come :)”

What’s up with the “daddy” lingo? Be honest with me boy…

I’m just trying to keep it sexy daddy and who doesn’t like that? ;)”

What’s the first song you have a vivid remembrance of?

“The first one that comes to mind is Helena by MCR. I remember seeing that music video on MTV late night when they use to play music videos. Them and Blink 182.”

How did you get into music in the first place? Did you take any lessons as a kid?

“I was just very energetic as a kid, constantly beating on stuff, so my mom got me a drum kit because it was something I was showing interest in. I started playing drums when I was 9 and was mentored by Trent Maze for a few years…killer drummer and a super dope dude. [I] also took guitar lessons for a while and taught myself how to play the piano. Now I produce!”

What is your creative process like? Walk us through it.

“It’s different every time. Sometimes I have a melody stuck in my head (like “Wook Worm”) and I’ll make a song around that. Other times I’ll just be experimenting with sound design and make some cool shit and turn it into a song. Other times I’ll write a cool hook lyrically and write a song around that. Just whatever works that day, daddy!”

When you collaborate, what do you typically bring to the DAW that other producers don’t?

“Sass. So much damn sass.”

You started the TVBOO project only like 3 years ago, right? it seems as though you’ve had a quick rise to success in the bass world. What does that feel like?

“It seems like a quick rise, but what you don’t know is that there [are] tons of failed projects before this one. I started playing in bands and touring at 13, so I’ve learned a lot from my past failures. But it feels really good to finally have a project that’s my own that is doing well. I’m having a lot of fun and this is the happiest I’ve ever been. Also gotta shoutout my manager, Josh, and my agents, Alex & Brian, ’cause a lot of this wouldn’t be possible without them <3”

You also DJ with New Orleans native Klutch as Hurricane Season. You guys have popularized Emo Night in New Orleans. are those sets at all comparable to playing a typical TVBOO set?

“Ahhh Emo Nights are my favorite. They’re just stress-free and we don’t have to worry about making people dance or trying to turn up. We just tryna catch these emotions. What most people don’t know is that Hurricane Season is an actual music project and we’re sitting on almost an album’s worth of music and will be releasing some of that this year ;)”

What’s your favorite track you’ve released so far?

“‘Tantrum.’ I spent more time on that song than any other song and it makes my ears so wet. BUT I’m sitting on a bunch more that I like a lot more than that one ;)”

Which artists have been your biggest inspirations in regards to production? And in regards to DJing (is there a particular DJ you try to emulate at times)?

So many, but Jantsen, GRiZ, RL Grime, and Bassnectar have probably been my biggest inspirations. I also get inspired by other things non-music related. Comedy is probably my biggest inspiration when it comes to producing. If I’m laughing in the studio, I’m usually making a banger. And Mersiv‘s set at BUKU this past year realllllllyyy inspired me. After that, I’d say my sets have gotta 10 times better and they’re improving every week.”

Be sure to check out Wonky Tonky below

Featured photo courtesy of TVBOO.

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