GRiZ & Boogie T Deliver 'Supa Fly,' One of the Biggest Collabs of the Year [Listen]
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GRiZ & Boogie T Deliver 'Supa Fly,' One of the Biggest Collabs of the Year [Listen]

it’s finally here! GRiZ and Boogie T have teased their massive collab “Supa Fly” for almost two years. today, we finally get it!

The single started showing up in both Boogie’s and GRiZ’s sets around 2017. While it’s not uncommon for artists to sit on unreleased gems for long periods of time, two years is pretty damn excruciating for fans to have to wait. Trust me: I’m a fan and I’ve too have been patiently waiting for what seems like forever.

Boogie T added fuel to the fire earlier in April, pretending that the song would be out on April 1. But just one week later, we were gifted with a post saying the song was indeed headed for release on April 19th.

“Supa Fly” combines the best of both GRiZ and Boogie T, offering fans a funky spin on some hardcore Boogie T bass lines. The song is groovy and wobbly simultaneously, a feat hard to pull off. So without further ado, we present to you: “Supa Fly.”

Stream the track below and check out some of our live video coverage of the single from over the past years. Also available for streaming are ‘Supa Fly’ remixes from Rusko, Dirt Monkey, Jantsen, and Gentlemen’s club!

Featured Photo: Brandon Johnson Photography

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