Thutmose Takeover: Rapper Releases New EP, Performs LoL Worlds [Watch + Listen]

Thutmose Takeover: Rapper Releases New EP, Performs LoL Worlds [Watch + Listen]

Thutmose is back making major moves after releasing his new EP Don’t Wake Me and performing at the League of Legends World Championship in Paris.

Brooklyn-based rapper and singer Thutmose is no stranger to the global reach of music and media: his single “Run Wild” with NoMBe spread globally via EA Sports’ FIFA World Cup 2018 trailer, and his single “Memories” made the perfect nostalgic fit in Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. 

Last week, the artist released his latest project – a warm five-track EP called Don’t Wake Me before jumping to Paris for his most groundbreaking move yet — performing for a sold out arena and over 100-million streamers at the League of Legends World Championship.

Thutmose’s Don’t Wake Me EP

Building on the success of his debut full-length Man on Fire, Thutmose’s latest showcases his prowess as a singer-songwriter. With dancehall and R&B-influenced production from Dan Farber and Avedon, Don’t Wake Me is smooth as can be. The EP flows seamlessly from sensual to gritty on tracks like “Drugs & Whatever You Want” and the standout single “Love in the Morning” with Nigerian artist Rema. Born and raised in Nigeria before moving to the United States, Don’t Wake Me speaks to Thutmose’s ambition, as he explains,

“At a young age, my eyes were always open to the endless possibilities of what this life could become but the grind wasn’t always easy. When I face adversity, I don’t let it define me, I let it inspire me. My dream is to inspire you all, spread positivity and show each one of you out there with a dream that you can go chase it and make it a reality.”-Thutmose

League of Legends World Championship

With that mantra in mind, it’s easy to see how Thutmose was a perfect fit for the larger-than-life League of Legends World Championship – an event that drew 30,000 to a sold out arena in Paris and an astounding 100-million streaming online. In a special behind-the scenes-video, Thutmose captures how the performance as a new character Ekko alongside Soyeon of (G)I-DLE , Becky G, Keke Palmer and DUCKWRTH played out.

As someone pretty unfamiliar with e-sports, Thutmose’s journey is an eye-opening glimpse into the boundless new ways music and multimedia can cross paths. With the Don’t Wake Me out and Worlds behind him, we’ll be patiently awaiting what Thut dreams up next.

Check out the new EP and music videos from Thutmose below!

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