The Top 9 Highlights From CRSSD Festival 2023

The Top 9 Highlights From CRSSD Festival 2023

The sun has set, and CRSSD has wrapped up another festival. Taking place in the heart of downtown San Diego, California, CRSSD hosted thousands of fans over the weekend.

As one of the earliest festivals to hit this year, CRSSD had some of the most exciting acts for both nights of the festival. With ODESZA, Polo & Pan, and Lane 8 as headliners, fans flocked to the festival by the sea to party the day and night away.

The Stages

CRSSD brought back its iconic setup with 3 stages, Ocean View, The Palms, and City Steps. Each with its own unique style in terms of music and layout.

1. City Steps

Nestled in the heart of the festival, City Steps featured uptempo, bass-filled houses, and underground sounds. While it certainly was the smallest of the 3, the energy in the crowd was palpable at this stage. Space 92xPopof and Maya Jane Coles were a couple of stand-out performances that really got the crowd buzzing!Stream Adam Beyer Live @ City Steps, CRSSD Festival - Spring '22 by jaybreezy | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

2. The Palms

The second largest stage at the festival is easily the one with the most personality. Covered in lush greenery, this stage had the best spacing, insane speakers, and great talent to boot. The Palms was right next to the entrance as well, so every festival attendee who walked through was greeted by enveloping music, and good vibes.

3. Ocean View

The biggest stage of the festival, hosted the biggest acts. This stage put in the work, with the largest visual setup and the biggest area for festival attendees to enjoy the artists. The crowds flocked to this stage for all the headliners, and it was bustling for Polo & Pan, Lane 8, and Odesza. The crowds at Odesza were in fact so packed, it was really hard to see the acts without having a significant height advantage.

4. The Acts

It would be disingenuous to talk about festival highlights without giving credence to the people who make it all possible, the artists! The festival featured all types of music, and brought people together from all walks of life.

5. Space 92xPopof

One of the best acts from the festival was Space 92xPopof, who brought the sounds of the underground, out into the refreshing San Diego air. The crowd was going crazy for the entirety of the set, and Space 92 x Popof fed off the energy to deliver one of the standout performances from the festival.


6. Polo & Pan

Another standout from the festival, who ended Saturday night with a masterful performance. The French music duo has such a large amount of versatility in their music, so attendees were in for a treat. Polo & Pan had the audience dancing from beginning to end with their eclectic music and visuals.


7. Lane 8

Daniel Goldstein, better known by his stage name Lane 8, absolutely crushed his set! Being active in the scene for over a decade, Lane 8 only seems to age like fine wine. Cultivating his craft, Lane 8 has truly created a lane for other artists with his sound which others follow. His performance included tracks from his most recent album Reviver, which was a delightful experience.



Of course, the biggest headliner of the ticket could not be missed. ODESZA came to CRSSD after a four-year hiatus from being on the festival circuit. The drum line was also there to deliver with snare drums that glowed in different colors. They also adorned masks and other gear to set the mood for their performances. Each time Odesza takes the stage, it is apparent that the production value is of utmost importance to them. They work hard to put on a spectacle to remember and it shows!


9. The Merch

Say what you will about CRSSD, but the merchandise is absolutely on point every year! The bomber jackets are an exceptional standout. This year they offered a red bomber jacket with a golden zipper, a green jacket, and a pink one. These jackets are so coveted, they sold out super quickly on both days. It is no wonder, since they are 100% nylon, and built to last, its a jacket worth getting if you love the music CRSSD brings every year. In fact, its so elusive, we could not even get a picture of it!

However, there were plenty of folks dressed super fashionably, adorning their festival attire, including this lady!

Final Thoughts

While the crowds were sometimes a bit too rowdy, and the porta-potty situation was less than ideal by the evening, CRSSD still managed to be a wonderful experience for artists and fans alike. The festival is sure to bring in top talent year after year and will continue to be a staple for house and techno fans alike.

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