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Tennyson Reveals Spectacular New EP 'Telescope' [Listen]

Indie pop artist Tennyson are back with their newest EP ‘Telescope’ on Counter Records.

A month ago, Tennyson released the standout single “Telescope” and announced their newest EP by the same name. The title track was quintessentially everything that makes Tennyson so enchanting — intricate instrumentation, warm soundscapes, and welcoming vocals. Inspired by time well spent in Japan, the Telescope EP brings that and so much more.

Across six tracks, Luke Petty of Tennyson splits the EP into vocal tracks and instrumentals equally. While the vocal tracks stand out as my favorites on the EP, the instruments drive home the abstract inspiration of the EP. Lo-fi samples and lazy percussion feel oddly fitting among the EP’s otherwise elaborate production, as does the visual accompaniment from Russian artist Waneella, as Luke explains his inspiration and their ongoing collaboration,

“Each song has its own world to me, but some themes I think they share are: The total mystery of anything existing, the clarity of being alone, everyday life, stillness . . . I was trying to find images that matched this abstract feeling that the music gave me. Something like being alone in the dark glow of my room. I came across Waneella’s viral image. The mood was exactly what I was imagining.”-Luke Petty of Tennyson

In addition to the EP’s release, Tennyson has been sharing some interesting insights into the evolution of the EP on Instagram. Not only are they a testament to their musicianship and ingenuity, but the exciting new era that Telescope kicks off for the sister-brother duo.

Check out the new Tennyson EP below and let us know what you think!

Featured image via artist. 

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