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Tennyson Release New Single ‘Telescope,’ Announce Upcoming EP [Listen]

along with the announcement of their new EP, Tennyson recently shared an incredible fresh new single called “Telescope“.

A few days back, Tennyson dropped a gem of a new single called “Telescope“. The single from Canadian brother-and-sister duo comprised of producer Luke and drummer Tess serves as a follow up to their 2019 EP Different Water. “Telescope” also ceremoniously marks the announcement of a brand new forthcoming EP via Counter Records.

As a longtime Tennyson listener, I’m always impressed by their intricate production and gentle alt-pop style. On “Telescope”, Luke prescribes an astonishing amount of detail across the weaving melodic elements and percussive accents. As a testament to the track’s thoughtful production, Luke also shared an awesome play-through on his Ableton Push 2 upon the track’s release:

The new release also marks the first collaboration with acclaimed visual artist Waneella, whose magnificent digital landscapes, as Tennyson explains, “captures this beauty and exaggerates just enough so that it matches the memory of being there and not the iPhone photo you took“.

Check out the new single from Tennyson below and stay tuned for the upcoming EP!


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