The Top 12 Things We Learned From ODESZA's Reddit AMA

The Top 12 Things We Learned From ODESZA’s Reddit AMA

After releasing their third studio album on September 8th, ODESZA took to Reddit to answer questions from Fans! 

This is the second Q&A session the group has held in the past few months; with the last one coming via Twitter. This a rare occurrence for the group, as they have been notably quiet from answering questions about their music in the past. 

They discussed a multitude of topics including; their inspirations, possible future collaborations, new music, and so much more. So without further interjection from us, check out the highlights of the ask me anything below! 

1.) The groups live track “Bronko” is actually an original song, that they may never release. There could be a possible Bonobo collaboration. And the icosahedron has many meanings.

2.) They love Chet Porter more than Jai Wolf. 

3.) After their latest album, fans want to know will they ever revisit some of their earlier sounds from Summer’s Gone and In Return?

4.) Could there possibly be a Foreign Family festival one day?

5.) A Big Wild collaboration could be on the way! 

6.) Their live show is a huge undertaking they take so much pride in. 

7.) Composing for movies might be in their future? 

8.) If they had to sum up the latest album, ‘A Moment Apart,’ in one word, that word would be “Perspective.” 

9.) Harrison and Clayton REALLY want to work with Kevin Parker from Tame Impala. 

10.) They’re Grammar Nazis. 

11.) Their favorite venue is…..

12.) What is their process for making music together, and how do they make those amazing vocal chops? 

Known for constantly adding new touches to their live shows, the group ended the AMA by thanking fans and making it known that they will be constantly adding new edits and pieces to the show. 

“Thanks so much for the questions everybody! Appreciate everyone taking the time to talk to us. Hope to catch you guys on the road somewhere (we’ll be continuously adding new edits and pieces to the show)” <3 Harrison & Clay

It’s always fun when artist interact with fans. AMA’s are great way for musicians to answer questions without being under the strain of touring. Hopefully ODESZA fans got everything they needed out of this Q&A.

You can check up on anything else we missed via the sub reddit page R/ElectronicMusic here!

Featured Image: ODESZA Facebook 

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