Sonic Bloom Makes Waves with Phase 2 Additions [Event Preview]

Sonic Bloom Makes Waves with Phase 2 Additions [Event Preview]

Sonic Bloom Phase 2

As the date nears closer for our return to Hummingbird Ranch, the Sonic Bloom team is still making additions to the already stacked lineup. Join us June 16-19 for an unforgettable reunion with family and friends.

Sonic Bloom sets itself apart by featuring top artists in several of the festival circuit’s favorite genres alongside newcomers and local favorites alike. This year is no different, with Tipper, Lettuce, Lab Group, and more!

Sonic Bloom Phase 2

Return to Hummingbird

Alongside the heavy-hitting headlining cast, several of our current favorites litter the remainder of the lineup. Make sure to check out our 8 Artists You Can’t Miss as well as additional upcoming content!

For phase 2, the team tapped an eclectic group of artists, from the legendary Michal Menert to Denver’s own GrymeTyme! Ranging from electro-soul to the latest in bass and dubstep, Sonic Bloom aims to check all the boxes for their dedicated fans.

Check out all of phase 2 below!

Snakes & Stars featuring Michael Travis (SCI) & Aaron Johnson (Brazilian Girls), Michal Menert, Templo, Cualli, Iterate, Molokai, MZG, Navigatorz, Phyphr b2b Kaptain, Project Aspect, Apache Creek Fiddlers, Bloomurian, CatParty, Cnopes, GrymeTyme, Mermix, Messenger of Secrets, Schema Things, Shuj Roswell, Xenolinguist  

If you’re still on the fence, there are still a few additions to be made, with limited tickets available! Early bird passes are already sold out, so don’t wait too long and miss it!

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