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Chicago Duo Solstis Release Dreamy Upbeat Remix For The Rising Group KIDDO [Listen]

Solstis has been on our radar for a few years now. The Chicago duo are known for their work in the melodic spectrum of Dance music. Their music invokes tons of emotions, similar to that of Jai Wolf, Chet Porter, or Kasbo. A personal favorite of mine is their 2018 release Floating In Emptiness. 

Solstis returns today with an interesting remix for the Stockholm based trio KIDDO. This is the first time I’ve heard of KIDDO or their catchy single “Drunk and I Miss You.” Solstis gave some explanation on how this unlucky pair ended up together on this one.

“We heard the original after seeing it on splice, and decided to work with it using some more “pop” sounding sounds and elements. We think it captures some of the vibes of our older works but draws from newer inspirations. The song was really fun to work on and a blast to play live. We’re happy with how it turned out and even more so to finally share it with everyone”

Why Do We Like It? 

The song was a total unknown track before I heard it, but it sure is catchy. Solstis somehow made the song even more catchy than the original. The remix is a fantastic compliment to the original. KIDDO seems to have staying power with each new single we hear, so hopefully, this rising trio finds the right home in 2019!



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