Slow Magic Delivers Nostalgic Sonic Journey in Fifth Studio Album, 'Forgotten Feels' [Listen]

Slow Magic Delivers Nostalgic Sonic Journey in Fifth Studio Album, ‘Forgotten Feels’ [Listen]

Following the success of his single “Avoiding Pain” in May, Slow Magic unveils his highly anticipated fifth studio album, Forgotten Feels. 

For Slow Magic, music is not about conforming to trends but rather about creating from the depths of his heart. Forgotten Feels serves as a reflection of the past while offering a glimpse into an infinite future. Exploring themes of loss, conflicting emotions, escapism, nostalgia, and freedom, the album becomes a testament to Slow Magic’s unwavering commitment to artistic originality.

Spanning 11 tracks, Forgotten Feels encompasses a diverse range of influences that have shaped Slow Magic’s career. Each song tells a story, contributing to the album’s comprehensive narrative. From the ambiance of “Solitude” to the powerful “Fade Out,” Slow Magic infuses profound emotions into every composition.

Forgotten Feels showcases Slow Magic’s willingness to collaborate, with Laxcity and Juuku lending their talents on “Connection” and “Emotions.” These collabs add diversity and a unique touch to Forgotten Feels.

Beyond his music, Slow Magic has been a vocal advocate for mental health, using his platform to support and inspire others. In line with his advocacy, Forgotten Feels envelops listeners in a comforting embrace of twinkling chimes and swirling melodies. The album encourages embracing the ebb and flow of life, finding solace in the simple moments, and instilling hope for a brighter future.

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