Slow Magic Unveils New Single 'Avoiding Pain' & Teases New Album Forgotten Feels

Slow Magic Unveils New Single ‘Avoiding Pain’ & Teases New Album Forgotten Feels

Renowned for his unique persona and distinctive approach to electronic music, Slow Magic returns with the emotionally charged single “Avoiding Pain.” Inspired by personal struggles, this track serves as a reminder to embrace our emotions and seek solace in others.

Alongside the single, Slow Magic announces his highly anticipated fifth studio album, Forgotten Feels, promising a blend of his signature sound with fresh influences.

During a time of mourning and reflection upon the loss of a family member, Slow Magic found solace and inspiration in the creative process. “Avoiding Pain” delves into the complexities of nostalgia, evoking a rush of poignant feelings and reminding us that we cannot return to the past.

In true Slow Magic fashion, “Avoiding Pain” showcases heartfelt melodies that tugg at the heartstrings. With a steadfast commitment to supporting mental health, Slow Magic’s music has consistently served as a source of comfort and inspiration for fans around the globe.

What do we lose by avoiding our pain? I finished this song in the midst of learning that I had lost a family member. I spent a lot of time grieving and mourning for that person and reflecting on times in the past. There was a rush of nostalgic feelings and extreme pain that reminded me that we cannot go back to those times. Although I had been thinking about the meaning of the song and the vocal samples for a while, it became even clearer during my period of mourning. I hope people can find their own meaning and understanding in the words and music of this song and remember not to be afraid of their emotions, and to talk to others about them.“ – Slow Magic

Beyond the single release, Slow Magic unveils an exciting announcement—the upcoming arrival of his fifth studio album, “Forgotten Feels,” slated for release this summer. The album serves as both a reflection on the past and a glimpse into the future.

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