Since JulEYE Embarks on Soulful Departure into Blues-Hip-Hop Fusion w/ Marvel Years & C1

Since JulEYE Embarks on Soulful Departure into Blues-Hip-Hop Fusion w/ Marvel Years & C1

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In Denver’s vibrant and ever-evolving music scene, Since JulEYE emerges as a breath of fresh air with his latest release, “My Soul,” with Marvel Years and C1 of Foodchain. This track marks a departure from Since JulEYE’s usual electronic sound, delving into a fusion of blues and hip-hop that’s turning heads and making waves.

Behind the Since JulEYE persona is Lev Averbakh, a dynamic musician known for his electrifying live performances and innovative approach to music. Whether it was appearances at festivals like Summer Camp and Gem & Jam or playing alongside artists like The FlooziesMersivMaddy O’Neal, or Manic Focus Since JulEYE has been captivating audiences across the map.

With “My Soul,” Since JulEYE takes listeners on a sonic journey unlike any other. Teaming up with Marvel Years and C1 of Foodchain, he explores new musical territory, blending soulful melodies with rhythmic beats to create a track that’s as catchy as it is captivating.


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The magic of “My Soul” lies in its ability to defy expectations and transcend genres. From the moment the track starts with its infectious bassline and smooth vocals, listeners are hooked. As C1 lays down his introspective verses and Marvel Years adds his signature guitar licks, the track evolves into a soulful anthem that’s impossible to resist.

But “My Soul” is more than just a song—it’s a testament to Since JulEYE’s artistic vision and willingness to take risks. By pushing the boundaries of his sound and collaborating with other talented musicians, Since JulEYE continues to push the envelope and inspire listeners around the world.

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