Shuj Roswell Says Thank You with Latest Single 'Jus Because' [Premiere]
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Shuj Roswell Says Thank You with Latest Single ‘Jus Because’ [Premiere]

As a show of his appreciation to fans and listeners, Shuj Roswell drops his latest single, ‘Jus Because’! The Denver native fuses traditional sample-based hip-hop and classic R&B with warm, analog synthesis for what he calls Funktronadelic.

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Fresh off the press from Super Best Records, ‘Jus Because’ is a passion project from Mark Cooley AKA Shuj Roswell. Fans of Pretty Lights, Michal Menert, and Daily Bread feel right at home with the familiar call to a soulful past.

Jus Because

Since his debut release in 2015, Shuj Roswell has honed his craft in the epicenter of electro-soul. For years, Denver has been a mainstay in electronic music, but the community shows endless support for the timeless genre. With recent sold-out shows at Larimer Lounge and unwavering social media support, it felt like a perfect time to give back.

“This one’s about appreciation. It’s for everyone that’s ever supported Shuj Roswell. If you’ve streamed or shared a song, left a comment, bought a ticket, or said hi at the show, then this one is for you. It’s my way of saying thank you. Your love and support mean everything. When we all squad up then the crew get down!”

Originally intended to be a collaboration, ‘Jus Because’ came to Mark quickly, and before he knew it the song was nearly complete. Overcome with joy from his latest performances, the creative process quickly became about showing appreciation for everyone involved.

Starting with a pitched and chopped sample of the famed ensemble Jackson 5, the track quickly takes off on a journey through space and time. The soulful sampling brings in the beats as the foundation on the MPC and is quickly filled with analog synths mixed and mastered in an analog studio. This all comes together to create a sound that spans decades.

With a live performance featuring a three-piece horn section, an emcee, and a drummer, ‘Jus Because’ is sure to fill rooms and hearts of listeners.

We can’t wait to catch Shuj Roswell live at Cervantes’ Denver with Balkan Bump on 10/29! As dates are being locked in, make sure to keep an eye out in your area. To keep up with the project and the next release, follow Shuj Roswell below!

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