SFYNX Takes Us on a ‘SAFARI’ With Debut Release

SFYNX Takes Us on a ‘SAFARI’ With Debut Release


It’s almost every day that we see a new producer rising on the scene claiming to have a new sound and vibe set to shock audiences everywhere. But few are able to actually execute on that promise the way SFYNX has with his debut release, “SAFARI.”

Operating since the end of 2018, SFYNX’s debut is a long-time coming. Having shared the stage with artists like Virtual Riot, Gravitrax, NotLö, EVVDE, Echo Drone, and Sky Suite, the up-and-coming artist has taken his time making sure his first release is up to par. 

“SAFARI” incorporates styles derived from SFYNX’s Egyptian culture and blends them masterfully with skull-crushing bass lines and sprawling melodies. Who we are introduced to is a producer with his thumb on the pulse of crowd-pleasing dubstep and high-velocity tunes. It’s clear that SFYNX has drawn inspiration from the acts he has opened for and the artists who are actively shaping electronic music as we know it.


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Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SFYNX doesn’t necessarily reside in what you would call an EDM hotbed. That being said, thanks to the work of promoters like AfterShock and Player 1 Productions, this area of the southeast is slowly but surely beginning to blossom into a haven for bass heads and dubstep connoisseurs to flock to. 

Expect SFYNX to be making his presence known throughout the year with even more hard-hitting tracks and electric live performances. 

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