Seafarer Releases First Single 'Ash & Ice' From Forthcoming EP [Listen]

Rising producer Seafarer just dropped his first release of 2020 with a stunning and sublime new single featuring Kristy Green called “Ash & Ice”.

As the first taste of his freshly-announced EP North Star due later this spring, Minneapolis-based producer Seafarer is back with a brand new single “Ash & Ice.” Having covered his late-2019 single “Forward“, we’ve been anxiously awaiting new Seafarer and today got just what we wanted.

The follow-up single features the producer’s sister Kristy Green on vocals, intermixed between the dreamlike atmospheric elements. Seafarer, real name Ben Greendelivers the single reflecting on the gripping emotional impact of seasonal depression, as he states:

“The long Minnesota winter set the tone for this piece. When I started this one, I was facing a huge barricade of anxiety in my life; what I believe to be seasonal depression. It was completely new to me, a physical ailment stemming from my subconscious mood that gripped me daily.

The never-ending presence of winter made me feel trapped. Seeking the beauty in the greyness and cold seemed like the only escape. This isn’t a new technique to me but I’ve never felt more reliant on it in my life.


I’m very grateful to have my sister Kristy providing the vocals on this track. They were actually derived from her original song “Medicine”. I was thinking of producing something for that song specifically but after working it into the earlier form of this track it just fit perfectly with the tone and theme.”-Ben Green

Ash & Ice”‘s expansive reverberating melodic elements and soothing percussion paint an infectiously warm soundscape, contrasting the winter chills that first inspired the track and setting the scene for what we can anticipate from North Star later this spring — something we’re definitely looking forward to now in this time of uncertainty.

Check out the new single from Seafarer below and stay tuned for more!

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