Rising Producer Seafarer Drops Stunning New Single 'Forward' [Listen]

Rising Producer Seafarer Drops Stunning New Single 'Forward' [Listen]

Up-and-coming Minneapolis-based producer Seafarer just dropped a must-hear new single “Forward”.

Discovering new sounds is one of the most rewarding pieces of the streaming age; occasionally, you come across an artist whose sonic vision is so infectious it simply can’t be ignored. Enter Seafarer, whose refreshing flip of Odesza‘s album hit “Line of Sight” caught our attention and gained momentum on Soundcloud earlier this year. Fast forward (no pun intended) to today, and Seafarer is back with a stunning new single called “Forward“.

“Forward” opens warmly with rich layered melodies, eventually giving way to a rising build and a powerful uplifting chorus. After a heavenly bridge provides a brief moment for reflection, Seafarer returns with a second chorus that is undeniably transformative. The lyrics “I’d do anything to feel alright” serve as the catalyst for the track’s energetic outburst, as Seafarer explains,

“I started this song exactly one year ago, 9/9/18, after a serious mountain-biking accident. The crash left me feeling defeated, but I found a way to channel that feeling into creative output. I spent the last year returning to the track slowly to refine it to something very personal that will take the listener somewhere new and hopefully inspire positive feelings.” – Seafarer (Ben Green)

The release follows Seafarer’s single “Orchard,” released last month. For fans looking to dive deeper, we’d recommend starting with Seafarer’s extremely under-the-radar 2017 EP Passed and Present. Here’s to looking forward to many more Seafarer tunes in the near future.

Check out the new Seafarer single “Forward” below and let us know what you think!

Connect with Seafarer: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify

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