San Holo Shares New Ep Under First Time Artist Project 'Casilofi' [Listen]
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San Holo Shares New EP Under First Time Artist Project ‘Casilofi’ [Listen]

Before San Holo was San Holo, he went by the unknown artist name of Casiloli. 

Little is known about this side project, but with the success of 2018’s album1, it seems as though San is looking to create some new music under his old moniker. The producer took to Twitter last night to announce his side project would release an EP titled Create, Create, Create. 

Create, Create, Create is made with “no studios, all laptops, and home recordings.” The EP is a look back at San’s beginnings. The producer gave a quote to Your Edm talking about the inspiration behind the project.

“Casilofi is the first electronic project I ever started in terms of producing my own music. It really started when I first got my laptop. A new world opened for me when I realized I could record things myself and layer things. I didn’t have to rely on a band, I could just take everything into my own hands. It was just 100% my own creativity that went into it, that really appealed to me.”

Listen to Create, Create, Create below!

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