Progressive Rock Meets Electronic on San Holo's Genre-Defying 'album1' [Listen]
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Progressive Rock Meets Electronic on San Holo’s Genre-Defying ‘album1’ [Listen]

I don’t think I’ve been this excited for an album in some time. San HOLO finally released his genre-defying 12-track Lp titled album1

San Holo released six singles leading up to this release. Each release created their own style & soundscape; and now, we are blessed with the whole package!

In a recent interview with Forbes, San chatted about bridging a gap between indie-rock and EDM on this album. And in our eyes, he did just that. album1 is easily one of the top dance albums of the year. He combines heavy melodic vocals, guitar riffs, violins, drum beats, and some good old-fashioned future bass elements effortlessly.

It’s electronic music, but with this new album I’m working on I’m putting a lot of organic, real sounds in there to build a bridge between the EDM world and the more indie world until it becomes one.” – San Holo

Why do we love it?

There is zero, and I mean this when I say it, zero producers making any sort of sounds that San Holo created on this album. While some artists continue to make transitions into mainstream pop and rap, San Holo developed a new conversation: a conversation that pushes the boundaries of indie-rock and EDM together. He produced the entire album live and recorded on cassette tapes with some of his labelmates and close friends.

I think it’s going to merge with live music way more,” he notes. “The line between indie band music and actually EDM music is going to blur out soon. I would love to be a part of that, and be in both worlds together.

Give album1 a listen below, and let us know what song is your favorite.

Featured photo via Haley Lan 

H/T: Forbes 

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