Parisian Indie-Electronic Duo Saavan Shares 5-Track EP 'Observatory' [Listen]

Indie-electronic music will always hold a piece of my heart. I’ve gone back and forth between the electronic sub-genres, but I always come back to indie-electronic. This time, Parisian duo Saavan have pulled me back in. With their warm and welcoming vocal melody accompaniments and atmospheric lullaby instrumentals, Saavan return once more with their 5-track EP titled Observatory.

We premiered one of the singles from the EP, “Young Minds,” earlier this summer, which immediately put us back onto the duo.

Give Observatory a listen below:

The Parisian duo, comprised of Lucas Mokrani and Claire Lengaigne, continue to add to their dreamy soundscapes with the lush melodies found in Observatory. The EP itself surveys the juxtaposition of human nature and the polar tendencies of life.” We’re big fans of this one. 

Featured image via artist. 

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