Saavan Create Indie-Electronic Bliss on 'Young Minds' [Premiere]

Saavan Create Indie-Electronic Bliss on 'Young Minds' [Premiere]

Back in the good ‘ol Soundcloud days when stumbling upon a new artist was much more common than on Soundcloud, I discovered this lovely duo Saavan. Their 2017 EP release Slow was pure indie-electronic bliss as they combined both of their unique vocals with slow, melodic beats. This time, the two continue this space on “Young Minds,” probably one of my favorite releases of the year.

“Young Minds” is the second single from their forthcoming OBSERVATORY EP, due soon.

Give “young minds” a listen below or on your preferred method here.

The Parisian duo, comprised of Lucas Mokrani and Claire Lengaigne, continue to add to their dreamy soundscapes with the lush melodies in “Young Minds.” They combine worldly rhythms with their own luminescent vocals to create something unlike anything I have really heard, bringing something extremely unique to the genre.

Saavan’s attention to the flow of music is present in “Young Minds” as well as their first single release from earlier this year, “Remember.” The 5-track EP plans to survey the “juxtaposition of human nature and the polar tendencies of life itself.

“This track was written during a time of riots in France. From our perspective, we had the feeling that something was changing, that it could be the beginning of a bigger movement. Then the football cup started, and the war was suddenly over. This song stands from both perspectives, the ruled and the rulers, to evoke an observation that is more sociological than political.”

– Saavan


Featured image via artist. 

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