Ryoker & Elae Weekes Rinse “I See You” With Remixes from All-Time Producers
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Ryoker & Elae Weekes Rinse “I See You” With Remixes from All-Time Producers

RYOKER & Elae Weekes

A good remix has to have at least three things. First, it has to sound similar enough to the original that people can recognize what is being remixed. Next, it has to be reimagined enough that it varies in a new and exciting way. Lastly, the remix needs to surprise people, because a remix that doesn’t pack more of a punch than the original isn’t any fun.

For Ryoker and Elae Weekes, two incredibly talented artists in their own rights, it is clear that they considered all three factors in choosing which tracks would make it onto their remix EP for their single, “I See You” – a track that quickly soared to 200K views following its premiere on YouTube a few weeks ago.

The shortlisted artists for the remix EP include How3ll, Vedeus, and Dazed – all Latin producers who know how to throw it down when called upon. 

While How3ll’s remix is the most fitting for the club circuit, it still puts forth a beautiful display of instrumentation and momentum shifts. As for Vedeus’ rendition, the producer chose to carry “I See You” into the deep end of the pool with driving basslines and emphatic melodies. Finally, Dazed treats us to our personal favorite of the bunch with a hypnotic, progressive take on the track that echoes the trademark sound that Zhu is known for prescribing.

As a whole, each remix complements one another masterfully and really flexes the muscles of the stems from Ryoker and Elae Weekes’ original. Expect to hear “I See You” and remixes from inside and outside this EP played out all summer long.

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