Roo Bus Launching 'Virtual Roo' With Month of Events
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Roo Bus Launching ‘Virtual Roo’ With Month of Events

We’re missing all of our summer festivals this year, including Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN. To replace the gaping hole in our hearts, multiple platforms and festivals have teamed up for a virtual experience; on River Beats, earlier this month, we hosted our very own virtual festival called BAS3 CAMP!

Announced today, the infamous Roo Bus is partnering up with Camp Reddaroo, Roo Fit, and others for Virtual Roo. According to the tweet, they will be hosting a month of community events throughout June, with more details to follow.

Some events that you can participate in at home:

  • Saturday, June 6: Virtual Roo Run 5k with Roo Fitness
  • Wednesday, June 10: Support your local brewery (virtual happy hour)
  • Wednesday, June 17: Online art show

If you want to join in on the fun or co-host an event, contact them on Twitter!

Read more about the Roo Bus here.

Featured image via Bonnaroo. 

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